2. A member of the Coastal Pop Warner Eagles Tiny Mite football team practices in North Carolina on Aug. 27. (Alan Cradick/The Star-News via Associated Press)

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  3. Bikers and spectators gathered to watch the Qiantang tidal bore run on Aug. 13 as a wave crashes inland on the banks of the Qiantang River in Hangzhou in east China’s Zhejiang province. Known as one of the world’s largest tidal bore, the tide rushing into the river mouth causes meters high waves that attracts throngs of tourists each year. Associated Press

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    Plot twist

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    L’ho trovata su facebook e sto letteralmente piangendo.

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    Saving Face (2012), acid attacks on women in Pakistan

    Meanwhile, in America, feminists are complaining about how dress codes are oppressive.

    You idiots have never experienced oppression, and pray you never do, because this is what it looks like.

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